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We serve both residential and commercial clients. We bring qualified, trained technicians, to clean, inspect, and repair your heating/cooling duct system or dryer vent system.
We guarantee excellent service, reliability, and honesty every time.

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About Us

Lucky Duct, LLC. is a Pacific North Coast, women-owned business since 2011. Our mission is to service our neighbors within a 50-mile radius of Seaside Oregon. We’ve made it our full-time job to help people live and work in cleaner spaces.

Experienced and Trained Technicians at Your Service since 2011

Lisenced, Bonded, & Insured

Friendly & Professional

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Why Choose Us?

We are the Pacific North Coast, Oregon and Washington leading duct cleaning company servicing your residential and commercial needs!

  • More than 11 years of professional duct cleaning experience.
  • Powerful truck-mounted duct cleaning system.
  • Friendly service and competitive rates.
  • We are licensed and bonded contractors; we clean and inspect and repair your ducting and dryer vent systems.
  • Inspections.
  • Free estimates!

Our Comprehensive Duct Truck Cleaning System

The Lucky Duct truck-mounted Super Vac system is a 350-cubic inch V8 Vacuum Cleaner capable of 8,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow at 22 inches of static pressure... what does this mean? A truck-mounted duct cleaning system that substantially out-cleans portable units. The more powerful the vacuum, the cleaner your ducts will be.

It's recommended you have your ducts professionally cleaned at least once every 3-5 years. More often if you smoke, have pets, did a recent remodel, or have allergies. A 16th inch of dust on the equipment fan wheel can reduce efficiency up to 30% of the furnace life.

01 Duct Cleaning

We have the suction, and we know how to use it!

You don't want to look behind the dryer or under the house, but we will.

02 Residential Dryer Vent Systems

Dryer fires are reported each year and cause millions in property loss

As contractors, we inspect, clean, and repair. 

Process per code:

  • Move the dryer
  • Clean from behind the dryer to the exit
  • Replace flex ducting and clamps behind dryer
  • Replace exit cover if needed
  • Replace ducting with hard pipe, foil back heat tape, R8 insulation on galvanized hard pipe
  • No screws in hard pipe dryer vent
  • Proper straping

03 Commercial Dryer Vent System Cleaning


  • Disconnecting ducting from behind commercial dryer vent
  • Clean ducting to exit point
  • Interior commercial dryer drum cleaning
  • All burners, motors, and fans cleaned upon request
  • Reconnection with foil back heat tape and proper straping

04 Heating and Dryer Ducting Inspection

Do you know what shape your heating and dryer duct system is in? Have you heard scratching up in the attic or worry about critters getting into your crawlspace and damaging your home?

If critters are in ducting, we as speciality contractors always recommend replacement of ducting where possible, and cleaning of ducting where not possible. Reason being, duct cleaning is an air cleaning, not a scrubbing process.

In the end, we will have a secure area to ensure the the ducting is intact, clean, and fully functional.

Keep the critters and elements out.

Commercial Equipment

We have the equipment and experience to tackle difficult commercial and residential projects.
Up three stories high, down below, or tight spaces?
We got it covered!

Our Super Vac Removes:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Ash
  • Pet Hair
  • Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Construction Debris
  • Lost Jewelry and Toys
  • Hard animal droppings
  • All the Yucky Stuff

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